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If anything, skydiving is my true passion. No one can really understand the exhilarating experience once you are about to jump, and nothing feels better than soaring thousands of feet above ground.

While this may seem too dangerous to some, it is quite safe if you do it with professionals. This is how I de-stress from my day-to-day grind. Once I am back on the ground, I feel refreshed and ready for some more action at work!

I guess skydiving is the twin of travelling. I love to visit places, understand their culture, and most importantly, taste the food that I could never have back home! While some dishes are grisly, I just tell myself that hey, people eat this in this part of the world and they are alive!

The world is a beautiful place if only you do the things that you love and look at the right places. And to me, these things are writing, engaging with people and skydiving!

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