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ONLINESLOTSX.COM is ​​an informational portal in the niche of online games and gambling, which provides qualified reviews of online casinos and games and provides free demo versions of games.

We do not accept deposits or any other types of payments from our visitors! We are not an online casino!

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect players from fraud and scams and provide free games for those who want entertainment. We provide bonuses to make the game as profitable as possible for users who like to play for money. We do not campaign or promote bets and gambling!


The main source of earnings is affiliate deductions. It would be best to assume that PLAY FOR MONEY or CLAIM A BONUS external links that you click on our website are affiliate links.

We may earn a commission – at no extra cost to you – if you decide to make a deposit.  The opinions expressed here are of our independent reviewers & writing staff, commissioned to provide helpful reviews & their unbiased opinion.

Content moderation

All content on the site (including reviews from users) is moderated and checked before publication. The idea behind ONLINESLOTSX was to develop a technology that can collect all data (REVIEWS, BONUSES, ETC.) ­doing all the hard work for you, so you could relax and feel comfortable about playing online.

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Please, do not contact us for any of the following reasons:

  • Review or Promotion of your casino. We do not accept applications for paid or free placement of casino reviews. New casinos appear regularly, and our team makes everything to select from them only legal ones and those worth our audience’s attention. Please don’t do spam. If you represent a good casino, then wait for a little – undoubtedly, we will get to you.
  • Guest posts, PBN’s and other paid links requests or offers. We do not publish paid posts, reviews or links to sites for money on our site, and we are not looking for places to place links on our site. If your site provides valuable and useful content, then most likely, you will not do this 🙂
  • Consultations. We do not sell our site or provide advice on how to launch or manage the site.


Reasons to contact us:

  • Requests for adding slots to our database. Use https://twitter.com/onlineslotsx or write a comment on any page (our team will check your comment to get the desired slot. Other members won’t see your comment).
  • Requests for correcting errors on our site – info@acbgg.com
  • Suggestions for improving our service – info@acbgg.com or https://twitter.com/onlineslotsx
  • Job search. We are constantly looking for talented content managers and editors. Please, send your CV to job@acbgg.com.


There is a lot of spam in today’s digital world. However, our team is trying to do everything possible to provide the most accurate and high-quality information. Hope for your understanding.

Local office in the UK: 380 Govanhill St, Glasgow G42 7HT.

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Local office in Australia: 66 Albacore Crescent, BUXTON NSW 2571.