5 Reel Slots

Many experts believe that the first slot machine was invented in the early 19th century by Charles Fey. Through the years there were notable improvements, which led to the eventual creation of the infamous and classic 3 reel slots.

However, since the only constant thing in life is change, developers did not settle at that. Finally, in the past decade or so, the first version of a 5 reel slot was rolled out. Clearly, the creation of 5 reel slot games has been the second best thing that most gamblers ever experienced since sliced bread.

From its name alone, it should be pretty apparent that five-reel slots consist of 5 reels or vertical rows, which means that a player can have more combinations.

Additionally, it has many advanced features such as symbols which were missing in its predecessor. Its hallmark is the development of stunning graphics and sound which makes the overall interface excellent.

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